Account Status

Zestful relies on different account statuses to easily navigate you and your team through onboarding and using Zestful. The different account status are listed below with more detail.

Verify Account

The very first step in setting up a Zestful account is verifying your identity. The way we do this is two-fold: We verify that your company actually exists, and that you (As a human being) also exist AND work for this company. The reason we do this is to double verify both identity but also prevent someone else from opening a Zestful account in your company's name.

In order to move passed this step, simply click on the "Verify My Identity" button on the onboarding pages.

Add Bank Account

The second step in activating a Zestful account (and final step before inviting your team) is to add a bank account. This allows us to set up the allowance withdraw at the start of the month for any active employees to use without delay.

To add a bank account, simply click the "Add Bank Account" button on the onboarding page. You can also learn more about Pricing and Billing here.

If you do not have access to this information, you can click on "share this link" and have someone else enter in your bank account info without needing an account of their own. 

Invite Settings 

Zestful allows you to manage the settings around inviting new members to your account. This is to ensure that Zestful isn't granting access to a non-approved members and gives a final check for admins to approve their team members. You have the option to require an admins approval for new accounts with the same domain and for new accounts with different domains. Read the picture below to see how each of those settings work. Members must be approved before their card will ship. 

A team member will remain in this status until an Admin approved them from their "Manage Team" page.

If you're currently in this status, feel free to send a reminder to your Admin(s) to approve you! As soon as you're approved, your card will be shipped instantly.

Approving a Team Member

Approving a team member is super easy.

  1. Navigate to your "People tab" in Company Setting
  2. Click on the "Awaiting Approval Tab"
  3. Click the "Approve" button next to each team member you'd like to approve or approve everyone by clicking "Approve All"

Card Shipped

Congrats! If you are seeing this status, your card has already been shipped and should arrive within 7 business days.

You will also receive an email confirming that your card has shipped and is the on the way. 

Activate Card

The final step before using Zestful is to activate your Zestful Card. 

When your card has shipped, your account will update to display the "Activate Card" button on your Dashboard and Settings pages. When you click this button you'll need to verify the last 4 digits on the card as well as the expiration date.



Once you've activated your card, you are now an Active Zestful member! You can start to use your card immediately up to the allowance given to you by your company. Let us know how we can help.

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