How do I use my Zestful card?

The Zestful perk card works just like a regular debit card. When you sign up, you will get both a physical card sent to you in the mail, and a virtual card that you can access online:

1) The physical card will be mailed directly to the address you or your company provides upon sign up, and typically arrives within 7-10 days. Once you receive it, you can immediately activate it and begin to use it both offline (in real life, like coffee shops) or online.

2) You also receive a virtual card that you can start using immediately within your Zestful account (before your physical card arrives). To view this card number simply:

  • Click on the "My Cards" link from the left navigation

  • Click "Click to Reveal Card Info".
  • Enter your Zestful password.
  • Bingo! You'll now see your Zestful virtual card number and use it anywhere you like.

The virtual card can be used online, or anywhere else where you can simply provide a card number (like over the phone).

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