Personal Balances

1) Personal Balance


Users can upload their own personal balances into Zestful to use alongside any funds they receive from their employer. For example, if the employer gives the user $50/month towards fitness and health, but the users gyms costs $80, the user can now instantly add a one-time or recurring $30 balance on their Zestful account to make up for the difference. These funds are available instantly for use on any product within the users Zestful catalog.

Where can I upload a personal balance?

There are 3 places within Zestful where you can access the slide menu to upload a personal balance:

  1. On the “My Dashboard” page, find the first panel on the left where it shows your balance information. There is a section titled “Your personal balance”. Click the “Deposit Funds” link from here.
  2.  On the “My Settings” page, find the “Add a balance” panel. Click on “Add to Available Balance”.
  3.   From the navigation bar, Click on “Balance” on the top right of the nav bar. This will open up a side-menu from the right which provides you an overview of all your available balances. Here, you will see your current balance broken down into its different programs. The last listed balance is the your own personal balance. This balance starts off as $0.00 on Any Product. Click on “Deposit Funds” to add fund to your personal balance.

After you click on the “Deposit funds” link or “Add to Available Balance” button, you will be taken to your “My Settings” page where a side menu titled “Add a balance to Zestful” will come out from the right side


To Upload a Personal Balance:

1) Choose the amount you would like to deposit into Zestful. You can deposit up to a maximum $300 in your own personal balance. This balance is instantly funded and can be used immediately.

2) You have the option to make this a recurring deposit.  If you choose to turn recurring deposits On, Zestful will transfer the deposit amount now as well as on the 1st of each month. At the beginning of every month, Zestful will check how much you have left in your personal balance and will charge you the difference between your set recurring deposit amount and amount in your personal balance. For example, if you set your recurring deposit to be $200 and at the beginning of the month your personal balance is $50, you will be charged $150 to bring your personal balance back up to $200.

If recurring deposits is Off, you will deposit the deposit amount into your available balance one time right now.

3) Add a funding source. Zestful lets you connect to your bank account using Plaid.

Plaid is a technology platform and financial service provider trusted by leading apps like Venmo, Acorns, Wealthsimple, Shopify, and Zestful. They enable apps (like Zestful) to connect to your bank account(s) with your permission.

When you link your bank account to an app using Plaid, the connection is:

  • Secure
    • Transfer of bank data is 256-bit encrypted end-to-end
  • Private
    • Your credentials will never be made accessible to linked applications. Meaning Zestful will have no access to your login information or your password


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