Programs Overview

There are two different types of programs that you can create in Zestful: Allowances and Rewards.


Allowances are recurring balances that can either reset or rollover every month or year. Common examples might include:

  • $50/mo to be used on Fitness and Health
  • $500/year to be used on Education
  • $15/mo to be used on Charity

To rollover, or not to Rollover? 

When creating an Allowance you can choose whether you'd like the balance to rollover after the month/year are done. When Rollover is On, the unused balances will rollover to the next month/year. When Rollover is Off, on the first of the month the balance will reset back to the original amount.


Unlike Allowances, Rewards do not recur multiple times. Rewards are one-time spot bonuses that you can give to your team. Common examples might include:

  • $25 for a Birthday
  • $25 for a Work Anniversary
  • $25 for Employee of the Month

How long are the Rewards balances available?

Unlike Allowance balances, Rewards balances do not reset or renew. They will remain on the account until they are used, or the person they are assigned to cancels their account (when this happens, any unused balance is redistributed back in to your Zestful balance).


Automated Rewards

Zestful also allows you to set up an automated reward program for Birthdays or Work Anniversaries. Create the program once, and never worry about remembering a birthday or work anniversary again! 

Learn how to create an Automated Rewards program here.

Peer to Peer Rewards

Give your team the perk of giving to each other! Peer to Peer programs allow you to set an amount (on a recurring basis) that your employees can use to give rewards to other members of their team, or the entire company. 

Learn more about Peer to Peer rewards here.

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