Setting Up Your Company

You'll be up in running with Zestful in no time! Just follow the steps below to get started.

1. Verify Account

The very first step in setting up a Zestful account is verifying your identity. The way we do this is two-fold: We verify that your company actually exists, and that you (As a human being) also exist AND work for this company. The reason we do this is to double verify both identity but also prevent someone else from opening a Zestful account in your company's name.

In order to move passed this step, simply click on the "Verify Account" button either on your Dashboard or Settings pages.

2. Add Bank Account

The second step in activating a Zestful account (and final step before inviting your team) is to add a bank account. This allows us to set up the allowance withdraw at the start of the month for any active employees to use without delay.

To add a bank account, simply click the "Add Bank Account" button on either your Dashboard or Settings pages. You can also learn more about Pricing and Billing here.

3. Your Company is Active - Invite Your Team!

Once you've added a bank account your Zestful account is officially active and you can begin to invite your team. You'll find your Invite Link, as well as view all your team members on the "Manage Team" page.

Once you've shared this link via Email, Slack or wherever is most convenient, your team members will be able to create their accounts.

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