The Zestful Catalog vs My Catalog

Why am I only seeing certain products?

As an employee there is the possibility that your catalog could look different than the standard Zestful catalog. This is because, as an employee, you will only see products/services that you are able to spend a Zestful balance on (for example, if you are given $50/mo to spend on Fitness and Health, but nothing else, you will only see Fitness and Health related products as you browse).

If you are given an Allowance or a Reward that allows you to spend on all products within Zestful, you will see all products that we have to offer.

If you are an employee (non-admin) and have the ability to log in, be sure to explore the Zestful catalog on your account instead of the main Zestful catalog, as your admin might have different rules/balances in place that are unique to your company, team, etc.

Why does Zestful change the catalog depending on your balance?

We've found that it's more confusing to see all products within Zestful even though you may only be given a balance to spend on specific products or categories. To make it easier, we show you all the products that you have access to so that everything you see is fair game!

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