Why did my card decline?

So, more than likely your card will decline at some point. Let's be honest. 

The reason for the decline could be one of several reasons. But, the fastest way you can find out is to sign into your Zestful account, click on transactions and it will show you there!

Or one of the reasons might be the following:

1) The product or service that you attempted to purchase does not exist in the Zestful catalog

  • With around a thousand or so products, we are still adding more! If you believe this product should be included, you can let us know by requesting the product via https://zestful.com/request-product

2) The product or service that you attempted to purchase is not allowed by your administrator

  • Based on the allowances, rewards, or other product restrictions set by your admin, there may be certain products that exist within the Zestful default catalog, but not available to you. Be sure to check out your Balances to see where you can spend your Zestful perk balance(s). 

3) You do not have sufficient funds to cover a purchase

  • Zestful perk cards work just like a debit card, in which you need to have the necessary available funds to cover the entirety of a purchase. If you would like to add additional funds to cover a large purchase, you can do so by adding your own funds to Zestful.

4) There was an issue with the information you entered

  • Your Zestful card may decline because the card information was entered incorrectly. Here are some steps we recommend you take:
    • Double check the Billing Address in My Settings and confirm you are using the exact same billing information on your attempted purchase (correct Zip/Postal code, for example).
    • Confirm that the Zestful card information is entered correctly.
    • Be sure you have activated your Zestful card prior to use, if you are using a physical card

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